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The RouteTable is a child Routing object for the Gloo Gateway.

A RouteTable must always be referenced by a delegateAction, either in a parent VirtualService or another RouteTable.

The routes specified in route tables will have their paths prefixed by the prefixes of the parent routes which delegate to them.

For example, the following (abridged) configuration:

match: /a
delegate: a-routes
routeTable: a-routes
match: /1
delegate: 1-routes
match: /2
delegate: 2-routes
routeTable: 1-routes
match: /foo
destination: foo-svc
match: /bar
destination: bar-svc
routeTable: 2-routes
match: /baz
destination: baz-svc
match: /qux
destination: qux-svc

Would produce the following route config for

/a/1/foo -> foo-svc
/a/1/bar -> bar-svc
/a/2/baz -> baz-svc
/a/2/qux -> qux-svc

Only VirtualServices will be loaded by Gloo. If a RouteTable or its parents are not referenced within a VirtualService, it will be ignored.

"routes": []
Field Type Description Default
routes [] the list of routes for the route table.
status Status indicates the validation status of this resource. Status is read-only by clients, and set by gloo during validation.
metadata Metadata contains the object metadata for this resource.