Routing to AWS EC2 Instances

Gloo allows you to create upstreams from groups of EC2 instances.

Sample EC2 Upstream Config

Key points

Tutorial: Basic Configuration of EC2 Upstreams

Prepare sample resources in AWS

Note, if you already have an EC2 instance you would like to route to and the necessary credentials configured, you can skip to the next section.

Configure an EC2 instance

Create a secret with AWS credentials

Create a role for Gloo to assume on behalf of your upstreams

Create a role
Allow your upstream’s user account to list EC2 instances

Create an EC2 Upstream

Create a route to your upstream


In this tutorial, we created an upstream that allows us to route traffic from our gateway to a set of EC2 instances. We created a single upstream and associaed it with a single instance. You can of course create an arbitrary number of upstreams and associate them with an arbitrary number of instances. We reviewed how to prepare your AWS account with a sample instance, role, and policy so as to demonstrate the information Gloo needs to implement a routable EC2 upstream.