Installing Gloo

Gloo can be installed in several different ways. The most common and customization way to deploy Gloo is to install on Kubernetes using the published helm chart. For a faster introduction, follow the open source quick start guide. And see below for notes on deploying with Google Kubernetes Engine and Docker.

Quick Start on Kubernetes

To quickly get up and running with open source Gloo on Kubernetes, check out the quick start guide.

Production Deployment with Helm

Gloo was designed for production deployment to Kubernetes. The Gloo control plane and proxies can be customized by deploying using the helm chart.

Deploying on Other Platforms

There are several other ways to deploy open source Gloo.

Gloo can run on multiple variants of Kubernetes. Check out this guide if you are installing on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. Gloo can be deployed locally for testing purposes using docker compose.