Gloo as Declarative Infrastructure

At its core, Gloo is a simple product that adheres to the declarative infrastructure model:

GitOps with Gloo

Following the GitOps methodology, custom Gloo configuration can be stored in a version control repo, and controlling how that configuration is reviewed, merged, and deployed can help mitigate operational risk. Coming soon, Gloo Enterprise will be shipping with a feature that simplifies the design of a GitOps process. With Gloo Enterprise, when users make changes in the Gloo UI, they will automatically persist in a changeset that is backed by a Git repository. Only when the change is reviewed and merged in, the configuration will be deployed. Users will be able to see the current deployed state, as well as the pending changeset changes, via the Gloo UI. Contact us for more information about this feature.

Solo Kit, the declarative product generator

Gloo was created using Solo Kit, an open source library that simplifies the creation of declarative products. A product can simply define its custom API objects in Protocol Buffer format, and Solo Kit will automatically generate:

The architecture of solo kit-generated projects has a few advantages: