Package: envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2


Source File: github.com/solo-io/solo-projects/projects/gloo/pkg/plugins/waf/waf.proto


"ruleSets": []envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.RuleSet
Field Type Description Default
ruleSets []envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.RuleSet Global rule sets for the current http connection manager


String options are not recommended unless they are relatively short as they will be sent over the wire quite often.

Any files referenced by this proto should be mounted into the relevant envoy pod prior to use or the filter will fail to initialize and the configuration will be rejected

"ruleStr": string
"files": []string
Field Type Description Default
ruleStr string string of rules which are added directly
files []string array of files to include


"disabled": bool
"ruleSets": []envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.RuleSet
Field Type Description Default
disabled bool Disable all rules on the current route
ruleSets []envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.RuleSet Overwite the global rules on this route