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AWS Lambda




Upstream Spec for AWS Lambda Upstreams AWS Upstreams represent a collection of Lambda Functions for a particular AWS Account (IAM Role or User account) in a particular region

region: string
secret_ref: string

Field Type Label Description
region string The AWS Region in which to run Lambda Functions
secret_ref string A Gloo Secret Ref to an AWS Secret AWS Secrets can be created with glooctl secret create aws ... If the secret is created manually, it must conform to the following structure: access_key: <aws access key> secret_key: <aws secret key>


Function Spec for Functions on AWS Lambda Upstreams The Function Spec contains data necessary for Gloo to invoke Lambda functions

function_name: string
qualifier: string

Field Type Label Description
function_name string The Name of the Lambda Function as it appears in the AWS Lambda Portal
qualifier string The Qualifier for the Lambda Function. Qualifiers act as a kind of version for Lambda Functions. See for more info.