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Consul Service Discovery




Upstream Spec for Consul Upstreams Consul Upstreams represent a set of one or more instances of a Service that has been registered with Consul Consul Upstreams map to multiple service instances by the name and tags found on each instance Consul Upstreams are typically generated automatically by Gloo from the Consul Service Catalog

service_name: string
service_tags: [string]
connect: {Connect}

Field Type Label Description
service_name string The name of the Service as it is registered in Consul
service_tags string repeated The list of service tags Gloo should search for on a service instance before deciding whether or not to include the instance as part of this upstream
connect Connect Connect specifies configuration for consul services that are "Connect-enabled". See for more information about Consul Connect


Connect contains the information necessary to connect to proxies that are running as sidecars for Consul Connect (in-mesh) services

tls_secret_ref: string

Field Type Label Description
tls_secret_ref string A reference to a Gloo secret containing the client TLS parameters for connecting to this service