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Kubernetes Service Discovery




Upstream Spec for Kubernetes Upstreams Kubernetes Upstreams represent a set of one or more addressable pods for a Kubernetes Service the Gloo Kubernetes Upstream maps to a single service port. Because Kubernetes Services support mulitple ports, Gloo requires that a different upstream be created for each port Kubernetes Upstreams are typically generated automatically by Gloo from the Kubernetes API

service_name: string
service_namespace: string
service_port: int32
labels: map<string,string>

Field Type Label Description
service_name string The name of the Kubernetes Service
service_namespace string The namespace where the Service lives
service_port int32 The port where the Service is listening. If the service only has one port, this can be left empty
labels map<string,string> Labels allow finer-grained filtering of pods for the Upstream. Gloo will select pods based on their labels if any are provided here. (see Kubernetes labels and selectors